Officially a #CalPolyProud College Graduate!!!!!

So, I graduated this past Saturday!!! So exciting. Like, so extremely exciting.

Finally walking across the stage. Business Management Information Systems major right here.
Cuz my family calls me “Panda” 🙂
I was seriously decked out.
So many beautiful different flower leis and creative homemade leis! Loved them all!!


This weekend has been crazy. Actually probably almost the whole past week has been crazy ever since I took my last final (ever, what!!!) Here’s an overview of my week:

Sunday: EPIC Senior Send-Off.
Monday: Study for AERO Final.
Tuesday: Study for AERO Final.
Wednesday: AERO Final, 10am-1pm (finished before 11am, what up). Made ribbon leis. Caught up on The Bachelorette episode I missed on Monday. Made graduation cards
Thursday: Made graduation cards. Dropped off ribbon leis. Friends came down to SLO!!! (but missed Glo Brew at Slo Brew)
Friday: Breakfast at Louisa’s with my friends. Met up with Mimi Ho. API Commencement. Sumo Sushi with family. Downtown with friends!
Saturday: Didn’t go to 6am bar crawl. Was almost late to my own graduation (but thanks to my best friend Eunice for curling my hair at 8:30 in the morning!). Graduation 10am-12pm. Business IS Graduation 12-1pm. Graduation dinner at CPK 3-5pm. EPIC Grad Party. Downtown with friends again!
Sunday:  Friends helped me pack. They went back home while I went to Eunice’s Graduation 12-2pm. Packed and cleaned. Firestone, mmm. Bobastop for crepe and popcorn chicken, mmm.
Monday: Packed and cleaned. Packed and cleaned. Drove 4 hours home. Dinner with family. Visit great-grandma. Pack for Hawaii.

Just haven’t really had a break for the longest time…this is seriously more than I accomplished in the whole past quarter probably. But don’t get me wrong, I’m so extremely excited to be a college graduate, to make my parents proud (and put their hard-earned money to good use), to go to Hawaii again (and get tan), and most of all, to really start my life as nervous as that sounds.

FYI: I had no chance to work out….but I considered packing and cleaning a workout this week. Moving boxes and constantly bending down is tiring! And so was cleaning. If you ever clean 3 sets of blinds, I dare you to tell me your arm wasn’t tired after! My arm got sore the next day. Although none was cardio, arm strength is not bad!


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