Workouts of the Week: 6/17-6/23

So I was in Maui for vacation most of this past week and I was excited to use the gym facilities every morning. Turns out that it cost $10 per person per day. Are you kidding me?!? There was no way we were paying for that. We found out there was a path that many people walk and run along the hotel/beach strip we were staying at so we got some exercise done there.

Monday: Packing doesn’t really count but it helped my arms a bit!
Tuesday: Swam a few laps in the pool.
Wednesday: Jogged for 5 mins (got a bad cramp after). Walked ~2+ miles.
Thursday: Jogged 1.7 miles. Walked 0.5 miles. Jogged 1 mile.
Friday: Hiked 2 miles on the Kapalua Coastal Trail.
Saturday: No workout
Sunday: No workout


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