ReFitRev: REFIT Workout #10

I decided to do a more exciting workout. There is this YouTube channel I’m subscribed to called ReFitRev that had dance fitness workouts similar to Zumba that I hadn’t tried yet. They have different playlists that are each ~45mins long that consist of a variety of different songs and moves.

Today I tried the REFIT Workout #10. The playlist can be found here. It was pretty fun. I looked at the “About” section on their channel and noticed that they promote faith and culture as well, which is demonstrated in their song choices (like Christian songs) and cultural dance moves. It definitely reminded me of a Zumba class I took at my college rec center. It leaves you breathless at times (have water nearby) but it’s not as intense and tiring as interval training videos I’ve tried because the moves are fun and more lightweight. The song choices are very interesting. A mix of Christian, Pop (yeah, I danced to One Direction), Reggaeton?…there’s variety. It’s kind of fun dancing to songs you don’t know. The moves just go along with the beat, this beat you’ve never heard of. This playlist made it fun to work out today. Not too intense but doable! Maybe I’ll try a different playlist later on in the week.

Anyway, I’m interested to see if I’ll be sore tomorrow. I feel like my core really got worked out…maybe even arms??


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