"Free" Birthday Shopping

I don’t know about you, but the Asian inside of me comes out when I hear free. I love when my birthday rolls around and all the birthday coupons or offers start making their way to my email inbox. (I admit, the birthday specials are pretty much the only reason I sign up for newsletters or email lists. It’s either that or they say you can instantly save 10-15% on your next purchase when you sign up–which I never use either.) Hope you enjoy reading about my experience and if you’re not subscribed to these stores, maybe it will tempt you into doing so 🙂

So yesterday I went to redeem a few things. I’m bummed that I missed out on one but it’s okay. Here’s what I had going into shopping at Stonestown:

  • Sephora – Free birthday gift
  • Sephora – $5 Wrapp gift card
  • H&M – $6 Wrapp gift card
  • Victoria’s Secret – Birthday $10 off your purchase
  • Victoria’s Secret – Free cheekster
  • Bare Escentuals – Free birthday gift
  • The Club at Stonestown Galleria – Free $10 gift card (missed)
So the Stonestown Galleria gift card is the one I missed out on because you have to redeem it before 5pm and I got there too late. So bummed because it would’ve been so convenient to redeem all my birthday coupons in one visit. Oh well. Here’s how it went down:
  • Sephora – Originally got 1 nail polish ($4.50) but needed to exceed the $5 to use the gift card so just got 2 nail polishes for ~$5 (like BOGO basically!), my 2013 birthday gift, and a 2012 one because they had extra. Score!!
  • H&M – Bought a tank top ($8) and jean shirt ($25). The Wrapp gift card almost covered the tank top but I had 2 other H&M gift cards to cover the rest. 
  • Victoria’s Secret – I got a mini body mist ($10) and a cheekster. $0 paid – perfectly even 🙂 
  • Bare Escentuals – Free eyeshadow.
Sephora 2013 Birthday Gift
Sephora 2012 Birthday Gift
Bare Escentuals Birthday Gift
Victoria’s Secret Body Mist ($10)

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