Organization: Jewelry

I had to retire my old Claire’s earring holder and the rest of my random jewelry boxes. In other words, you could say I needed to “centralize” my jewelry system. So I decided to spend money on nice jewelry trays!

I bought these from Bed, Bath, & Beyond. The brand is Neatnix. I got the two on the right as a pack of 2 for $20. Then I got the one of the far left for $15. Great deal because I was comparing it to other nice leather trays that totaled $50, but I’m a recent college grad, I don’t need fancy. Plus these come with plastic covers to prevent dust! Love that.

Oh yeah, they’re stackable and the top one slides easily across!! Anyway, here are the trays all filled up!

I would highly recommend this as a jewelry storage solution 🙂 These sets are actually on sale for $30 instead of $50 on ideeli if you’re a member!! I would definitely get it on sale right now if I didn’t already have it!

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