Diary of a Petite Girl

Shopping is hard.

If you’re petite or small, you probably know what I mean. You may not be as petite as me, but you may still be able to relate. If not, I won’t be offended if you don’t want to read this post. I’m jealous that it’s probably easier for you to find great clothes/shoes than it is for me!! But anyway, this is more of a little vent. Just filling you in on my shopping difficulties…

1. Shoes. This has to be my most troublesome category. I used to be able to wear a size 5-5.5 in high school, which was hard to begin with. Other girls were able to buy lots of cheap shoes from F21 and I couldn’t even find a pair that would fit from there. To make things worse, my feet shrunk. I’m now a 4 in heels, 4.5 in normal shoes, and a 5 in boots (all in Women US sizes). So I’m basically stuck trying to find shoes at Nordstrom or Nordstrom Rack. Yup, quite pricey. So I’ve been trying to stick to finding deals at the Rack as much as I can.

2. Pants. Jeans and most other pants always seem way too long for me. I think they’re usually 30-32″ inseam and I usually have to fold them inward at the bottom because I’m too lazy to get them hemmed. They’re a little less classy looking without the hem showing on the bottom so I’ll try to get them hemmed…eventually. Pants are also most of the time too wide for me on the leg. If you’ve seen my legs, I know. They’re sticks. Twigs. Spaghetti. Whatever you want to call them. In other words, I have like nothing but bone in them. So finding pants, especially jeans, that hug my legs is quite the task. I got lucky when stores started releasing jeggings. They’re like jeans but tend to be tighter on the leg, stretchy, and more comfortable. Oh yes.

3. Dresses. There are so so many cute dresses online!! But I’ve made the mistake of buying dresses online that have been too long. Tip: If buying online, look at the length of the dress in the details section. Most are around 30″ (give or take a couple inches). Take a ruler/measuring tape and measure that length along your body and see where it ends up (keep in mind some lengths are taken from the shoulder). If it’s longer than you’d like, by no means should you buy it unless you are willing to pay the money to get it hemmed or can hem it yourself. I’m about 5’0” and I realized that dresses should be around a 23″-25″ length for me to like it. You can also look at the model wearing the dress and try to picture how it would fall on you. Sometimes, like on F21’s website, it’ll tell you details about the model, like her height. Key in her height and compare it to your own and visualize what the dress might look like on you. If it’s kinda short on the model and she’s like 9 inches taller than you, it’s most likely going to look much longer on you.

4. Tops. A lot of tops nowadays are longer. Like blouses and sheer tops. I don’t even know why they’re made so long now but I just swim in them sometimes. They might as well be dresses…. If you don’t try on a top in the store and it looks pretty long, put it up against your body and see if you like the length. If it’s too long, don’t get it–don’t force it. You may not be able to pull it off as a tiny woman. On the other hand, if the top is long and you can see yourself wearing it with leggings or a belt and making it a dress, go right ahead! But yeah, it’s so frustrating when I see a cute top but it’s just too big for me.

Well that’s the end of my ranting. I know I started giving advice near the end so if you found that helpful, look out for my future post on clothing shopping tips. I plan to type it out soon! Feel free to comment below if you want to hear about anything specific or if you have the same issues I do when shopping. Thanks for reading!! 🙂


1 thought on “Diary of a Petite Girl

  1. A good thing about having small feet: sometimes we score cheaper shoes in kid size 😉
    I found some really cute Steve Madden boots in size 3 kids the other week. They were way cheaper than the women's version and exact style!


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