Shopping Tips!

Gathered from years of experience. Shared with hope that you won’t make the same mistakes I’ve made.

Haha okay let’s get down to business. But seriously though, learn from my mistakes!! Which is why I’m typing this post in the first place. These are shopping tips I’ve learned to live by in the shopping world (and are in no particular order).

1. Double check the fabric blend. If I want to buy something that I will only wear if it shrinks, I’d check the fabric blend to make sure it’s a fabric that will shrink (100% cotton will shrink easily, 50% cotton/50% polyester will shrink a little). Also, if it fits perfectly on you now and it’s cotton or a cotton blend, I recommend that you don’t put it in the dryer!

2. Pay attention to the washing instructions. Washing directions are really important because you have to make sure you’re okay with “hand wash”, “line dry”, and “dry flat” if the directions recommend it. At least those are the care instructions I dread seeing and doing and unfortunately, all the cute clothes nowadays tend to say hand wash or line dry/dry flat -_- If you’re lazy like me though, when it says hand wash, sometimes I’ll stick it in the washer with my clothes and put it on the Delicate setting. However, I pretty much avoid using the dryer when it says line dry/dry flat. I try not to cheat in that situation.

3. Don’t accept discomfort. If you try on something, it’s uncomfortable in the fitting room, and you don’t think you can accept the discomfort, don’t buy it!!! I made this mistake when I recently bought this sweater that was on sale at H&M for $7. It was a little itchy in the dressing room but I was like “Eh, it’s only $7, I just have to get it.” But when I wore it to work, I was miserable, scratching here and there because it itched so badly. (But then again…it was only $7!!!! Just kidding, don’t listen to me. Learn from my mistake.) This same tip applies to shoes. If they’re already uncomfortable in the store, they may not get any better.

4. Limit your purchase of blue tops. This applies if you wear jeans most of the time. I recommend this because wearing a blue top and blue jeans is hard to pull off. I went through a phase where I really liked navy tops but most of my jeans are dark blue so I either didn’t get to wear them that often or when I did, it would look awkward. Even if it’s cute, just think of how many different pants/bottoms you can wear with that top without it looking weird.

5. There is such thing as too tight. Yes, I’m talking about jeans, pants, shorts, etc. In my opinion, there’s tight, and then there’s too tight. If you’re a girl, you may know what I’m talking about. If you’re like me, you have those jeans that are tight and those jeans that you’ve tried on (or may even own) that are too tight. Don’t settle for too tight!! They’re just uncomfortable and if you’re going to work or school, sitting down for at least a couple hours at a time, too tight is not the business. There are a few pairs of jeans I’ve purchased in the past that have been kinda tight when I first tried them on and I kept them—wore them dramatically less than my normal pairs, therefore wasting money. If you try on a pair of pants, sit down in your fitting room, and it’s uncomfortable or hurts, don’t get them. Even if they make your legs look amazing or your butt look bigger. Admire yourself in the mirror for a bit, and then let them go. It’s not meant to be. Don’t let your waist suffer! It deserves the best.

That’s all for now. This was a quick tips post. If I think of a few more, maybe I’ll eventually post a part two but as of now, these are some of the major ones!

Thanks so much for reading 🙂 Also, if you have any tips on better/easier ways to “line dry” or “dry flat”, leave a comment below! Those are the care instructions I dread doing!!


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