What’s in my Pocket? – December 2013 Edition

Have you heard of Pocket (formerly known as Read It Later)? If you haven’t, you definitely have to check it out! It’s a simple app that you can install on your phone or an add-on extension you can install on your Internet browser. Why is it so cool? It saves links, which includes articles and videos, for you to revisit later. At the click of a button, you can add a webpage to your Pocket!

Because of this amazing technology in the form of an app, I’ve saved SO many articles and videos to look at later. Especially at work, when I’m checking up on Twitter or Facebook, I’ll see articles or videos I’ll want to look at later when I’m not at work and put them in my Pocket. I’ve accumulated so many things lately that I thought it’d be cool to share what’s sitting in my Pocket that I haven’t looked at yet. 
Here are some interesting links that are sitting in my Pocket that I haven’t actually looked at yet. If you’re bored, definitely check out some of these links if they jump out at you. That’s what this blog post is for. Things I save in my Pocket are perfect for that break from work or studying, while lying in bed, or waiting at the bus stop. Here are some in no particular order:

Technology Related




If you want me to post things that I’ve archived that I think are worth sharing, let me know! 🙂 I’ve come across a lot of cool things lately.


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