Easy Storage: Nail Polish and Makeup

Hello everyone!
If you’re someone who has small collections of makeup and nail polish, this might be perfect for you! This is a super easy and quick way to store all your nail polish and makeup. I actually have makeup in my bathroom so this is all the random makeup that I use once in a while but not everyday that I might want easy access to. If you don’t already know, I’m quite a beginner when it comes to the topic of beauty. My nail polish collection may look small compared to yours and I don’t have a huge makeup collection so I don’t really need a makeup-specific storage unit or anything like that. I just put my stuff in small Sterilite storage boxes from Target that I got on sale (5 boxes for $5).
Nail Polish Storage
Laid out all my nail polish and organized by color
Placed nail polish bottles upright with cotton balls and polish remover

Less Used Makeup Storage

Makeup I use for special occasions
A close-up, just in case you’re interested
Probably won’t stay this organized but it’ll be easier to find!

I know this is super easy and you might already have a way to store your beauty items but doesn’t hurt to share! Enjoy 🙂


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