Handmade: Easy DIY Christmas Cards

I know this is a super late post so it might not even be helpful for this year but hey, you can always use this for future Christmases! This is a short, simple, and sweet post on how you can make easy, simple, pretty Christmas cards for your loved ones. 
What you’ll need: 
  • Card stock – I bought mine from Target and for 50 cards in multiple colors and shapes, it was about $7 which is really a good deal compared with store-bought cards! I use this card stock all the time. 
  • Black ballpoint pen – I used a Uniball.
  • Silver/glitter gel pen – I had this from when I was younger (remember those gel pens in a bajillion different colors that we’d collect for no reason?!)

My cards turned out simple but cute. They really only consisted of two elements: fake calligraphy (find a how-to here) and strung Christmas lights. Use the ballpoint pen for the calligraphy and the string for the lights. Use the silver gel pen to make bulb shaped ovals on the string for the actual Christmas lights. I ended up not filling in the calligraphy for my friends’ names but you can get creative with it and don’t forget to add a sweet message underneath!
Wishing you all an amazing holiday season!! And as always, thanks for reading 🙂
P.S. Sorry the rest of my blog’s photos have disappeared…I have no idea what happened 😦 I’ll try to get that working when I get the chance….might take a while.

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