New Year’s Eve Look

New Year’s Eve outfits this year seem to revolve around glitter and sparkles. Not mine. And yours doesn’t have to either! If you’re on a budget, don’t feel the need to spend $50 on a new sequin dress or $100 on a pair of glittery heels. I’m all for busting out items I already own and working it.

I celebrated NYE early so here was my outfit:
Lace pattern dress – Forever21
Tights – Forever21, thick; not the super thin ones everyone wears now
Heels – Nordstrom Rack
Shoulder bag – Michael Kors
I pretty much owned the dress and tights for a couple years now but never wore the dress and tights together to make a winter look. The heels and shoulder bag were bought earlier this year.
As for the makeup, this is what I used for a simple smokey eye look. I’ve attached links to give you a better idea of what I used:
Naked Palette – Virgin, Sin
Dark Purple (4th row, 2nd to the left), 
Dark Charcoal (8th row, 3rd to the left)
(an older version from my mom)



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