Workouts of the Week: 1/6-1/12

First workout of the new year!!! And also…first time working out in the past few months (oops!) Just thought I’d start trying to document my workouts again to give you ideas on what you can do at home since I don’t own a gym membership and don’t plan on owning one. My strategy is to watch something while I do 15-30mins of working out.
Monday – While watching The Bachelor, I did this workout 1x minus the last 2 sets of crunches. I know it sounds lame considering this workout is meant to be repeated 3x but this was my first workout in months and I’m just slowly getting back into it. I didn’t do the last 100 crunches because I was shaking so much while doing them, it was so uncomfortable. But nevertheless, this workout made my core sore the next day! Pin it on Pinterest here.

Tuesday – While watching Parenthood online, I did this workout 1x. Took about 15mins. It’s a little hard to keep track of time but I just had the stopwatch going on my phone the whole time. Great cardio and leg workout. Pin it to Pinterest here.

Wednesday – rest (so sore!)
Thursday – rest (still sore?!)

Friday – rest

Saturday – While watching YouTube videos, I did this workout (only 1x) and 35 squats. Took about 10mins. I had to go out for the whole day so I didn’t have much time.



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