Workouts of the Week: 1/13-1/19

Yay for 4 workouts this week!! I think that will be my goal for every week, try to do at least 3-4 workouts. Motivated to get fit, because although many may think I’m skinny, Fit > Skinny. Staying fit, eating healthier, and exercising often is better than being skinny. I love to eat so eating healthier is a little harder for me. However, I am trying to watch my portions throughout the day. On the other hand, I definitely can exercise and build muscles (and a toned butt haha).

You may be wondering why I watch ItsJudysLife during my workouts (especially this week). Personally, it helps to watch something that I enjoy and have been meaning to watch while I work out because it helps keep my mind off how hard the workout is or how tired I am. Also, I basically kill two birds with one stone when I work out and watch ItsJudysLife or any other TV show because I want to do both but time is limited for me throughout the workweek. It’s a personal preference. You can try it out if you’d like!

Now for my workouts:

Wednesday – 30 squats, 40 lunges, 50 jumping jacks. I did a light workout because I originally planned on doing a full workout but I accidentally washed my face before the workout and didn’t want to wash it again (strips away too much oil!) so I just did a really light workout that wouldn’t make me sweat. I have a feeling I’ll feel it in the legs the next day.

Thursday – While watching ItsJudysLife, I did this “Best Exercises for Lower Abs” workout by Shape magazine. It lasted about 45 mins because I was taking my time and had to take a while to read the instructions for each move. It was helpful breaking up each set into 10’s or 5’s. It didn’t feel extremely hard to me. The last couple get a bit harder but just push through!! The next day or two you actually notice your lower abs sore. Such a weird feeling since I’ve never done workouts that targeted this area before. Very useful to have!! Repin it to your Pinterest board here.

Saturday – While watching ItsJudysLife, I did this workout. I did it only 2x because 1) I ran out of time because I had to meet up with someone (I did this workout in the morning before I shower and get ready to go out) and 2) Because I was dying!!!! It looked so simple but man, it’s hard, especially since I’m just slowly getting into working out. So I worked out hard with doing this just twice. Also, I have a tendency to get light-headed if I work myself too hard with not enough energy inside of me, especially when I don’t eat breakfast or any meal before I work out, so that’s when I know when to stop. I did get a bit light-headed, but I guess I knew the workout worked me hard! Know your limits though, and don’t push yourself too hard.

Sunday – While watching ItsJudysLife, I tried out Blogilates on YouTube!! My friend Joy recommended her to me and I’ll definitely be using this channel as a workout resource. I only did this one workout so far but I highly recommend it. I may start out with her shorter workout videos and then ease myself into her longer ones. Anyway, this is the workout I did. 10 minutes long, which is good because I didn’t have much time this morning. It’s pretty fast though, so I probably only ended up doing a few of the moves half the as many times as she did but it’s still a workout! Just try your best and try to keep up with her. That’s what I did with a couple few second breaks. If I keep following her videos, I’ll probably start getting used to the pace and go faster and faster with time 🙂 


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