The Weekly Faith: Week 5

This week’s message was recommended by a close friend and it comes from RealitySF’s “A Community Following Jesus” series that started a couple weeks ago. I decided to listen to the second message in this series, called Following Jesus in Community, as my friend said it would be relevant to me. And it definitely was.

My Life in the Context of this Sermon
I haven’t been going to church regularly lately with so much going on so I’ve been relying on listening to messages remotely. My friend called me out on it and suggested this message. Because I haven’t been going to church regularly since I haven’t found a home church yet, I also don’t really have a community in Jesus either. I had a community while I was in college but with everyone spread out post-graduation, it’s hard to see that as a community anymore (a common situation for post-grads).

Questions to Ask Yourself
After listening to this message with another friend, we discussed some interesting topics. Here are a few questions I’d like you to ask yourself after listening to the message and spend some time thinking about why your answers are what they are.

1) Do you go to church regularly? Why or why not?
2) Do you have a community that you are part of that follows Jesus? Why or why not?
3) If you have a community, do you believe you are saved into this community?
4) If you have a community, are you devoting yourself to your community? How much time do you devote to community?
5) If you have a community, while you receive encouragement and support, do you also make a point to give back or give into your community?

I know a lot of these questions have to do with whether you actually have a community. However, if you don’t have one, these questions aren’t meant to be skipped. Really think about why you don’t have a community to go to currently and try to find one that’s right for you. Join a group at your church or reach out to some Christian friend(s) you may know. After that, revisit these questions again.

My Intentions for these Questions
Why am I telling you what to do when I don’t even have a community or home church myself? I know this post seems like I’m telling you what to do as reader, but that’s definitely not my intention. I want to help grow others in their faith and encouraging my readers helps me as well. I also felt really convicted sharing this message with you, and I feel pretty embarrassed encouraging others to do all these things when I haven’t done so myself. But we’re all in it together. We all belong to the same family, and we’re all not perfect in our faith. Let’s continue to take baby steps together to become better followers of Christ. We may be far apart or we may not even know each other, but this is my baby step in devoting myself to the family of God.

I hope you enjoy this week’s message and have a great upcoming week!


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