What’s in my Smoothie/Green Juice?

If you’ve seen my snapchats, I send a lot of photos of my smoothies or green juices. I’m really liking homemade smoothies/juice lately. They take about 20-40mins to make and clean up, depending on whether you need to prepare or clean the fruit/veggies, which isn’t bad! When I have time, I make a 24-ounce smoothie/green juice on weekdays to drink for breakfast the next morning.

What do I put in them? This past month, I’ve been making smoothies with similar ingredients because I buy in bulk and it just lasts a while.

Ingredients I’ve been using to give you some ideas:

  • [Costco] Frozen Strawberries // ~2 handfuls
  • [Safeway] Orange Juice with pulp // ~1 cup
  • [Costco] Yogurt, either Strawberry, Peach, or Mixed Berry // 1 yogurt cup
  • [Walmart/Safeway] Red or Green Grapes // ~1-2 medium bunches/handfuls
  • [Safeway] Peaches from a jar // 4-5 peach slices
  • [Costco/Safeway] Spinach or a Mix of Spinach, Chard, and Bok Choy // ~2 handfuls
  • [Safeway] Mango // 1/2 mango
  • [Costco/Safeway] Banana // 1 whole banana
  • Ice if your blender can handle it (mine is old and cannot)
Feel free to mix and match your fruit and make sure you buy fruit you like!!
Peaches / Grapes / Spinach Mix / Strawberries / OJ / Mixed Berry Yogurt
Mangoes / Grapes / Banana / Mixed Berry Yogurt / Spinach Mix / Strawberries / OJ
As you can see, I’m not really precise about my ingredient amounts. This is the way I like to do my smoothies:
  • Include a good serving of veggies.
  • Use more fruits than veggies. I use approx. 2 parts fruit, 1 part veggie.
  • As long as it tastes like fruit and isn’t sour, it’s good enough for me.
  • Blend it until my desired consistency. Thicker for smoothie, thinner for juice.
Here are simple steps on how to make a smoothie: 
  1. Clean, prepare, and put all ingredients in blender. My blender is kind of old so I have to make sure there’s juice or yogurt near the greens or else it won’t really blend.
  2. I have a Mix setting and a Liquify setting. I use the Mix setting for 1-2 mins and then turn it up to Liquify for another 1-2 mins to get it to be thin like juice.
  3. You know it’s thin when it’s all nice and bubbly and the drink moves around easily.
  4. Pour into a container or cup. Look at how thin that is.
  5. Filling my blender up to 5 cups makes about 4 cups of smoothie/juice or a little less. ~24 ounces.
  6. All ready to go!
And that’s it. A great, easy, 24-ounce healthy breakfast! Enjoy and happy healthy eating! 🙂

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