Dollar Tree Makeup Haul, Swatches, & Review

A few weeks ago, I decided to try some makeup from Dollar Tree. As you can see, I purchased some makeup wedges, an eyeliner, and two lipsticks. Although the quality might not be that good, I figured it’s worth a shot for $1 each. 
Here are some photos on all the products, except for the cosmetic wedges.
Hope you enjoy seeing swatches of everything! The lipstick colors are nice and have a little shimmer. I really like the Luscious Wine color but I haven’t tried wearing it out or anything. The eyeliner feels more like crayon than pencil so I’ll have to try it out. The cosmetic wedges are pretty much anything you’d expect but I’m using it to replace the round foundation sponge that my Estee Lauder pressed foundation came with and I noticed the foundation doesn’t stay on as well with the wedges. But oh well, they were just $1. 
Let me know if you want any reviews on any of these products before you try them out yourself, but if you want to try them yourself right away, I hope the swatches alone help! 
Edit – Reviews
  • Eyeliner – PASS. It’s more of a crayon rather than a pencil consistency. And it smudges throughout the day! 
  • Lipstick – MAYBE WORTH A TRY. It claims to have Vitamin E and Aloe Vera which feels a little moisturizing. I like the Luscious Wine color a lot. I think it’s definitely worth $1 since I don’t have a brighter/deeper red/pink color like this yet so this is a good start to bolder lipstick colors. The Sorbet color is a personal choice. I don’t know if I like the shimmery nude color but it’s not bad. The only thing about it is it doesn’t seem long-lasting. If you gloss over your lips with your finger, color will come off. Also I noticed when I went to wash it off, it spread past my lip line so I looked a little clown-ish. Maybe need to use some lip liner with it or something? So you can make the call when it comes to that.
Hope this helps you decide whether to spend the couple bucks! 🙂


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