Treasure Island Photography Attempt #1

So two weekends ago, my boyfriend and I decided to try to take photos from Treasure Island of the SF skyline and Bay Bridge. It was a little bit of a fail though because 1) I wanted to capture the Bay Lights but I totally forgot we can’t capture them from Treasure Island because the Bay Lights are strategically facing toward the Embarcadero and 2) It was so cold and windy so even with a tripod, the camera was still shaking minimally (which makes a difference) and holding the camera with our hands made our hands freeze!! So we didn’t take many shots, but here are the better ones we took. The first two are unedited and the last one of course is.

28mm, f/2.8, 1/6 sec
28mm, f/3.2, 1 sec
28mm, f/16, 20 sec

We are definitely going to try again. I really want to do photography from this same location around sunset or dusk because the sun sets behind the city and I’m sure it looks amazing. I hope you enjoyed these couple photos. Until next time!

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