Workouts of the Week: 4/1-4/6

Hello everyone!!! You’re probably thinking, “Whoa, Workouts of the Week?? Haven’t seen that in a while.” And yes, it’s true. I took a long break from working out. That is, until last week! I was very inspired by my friend, Joy, to start working out again. If you were wondering how the squat challenge went for me back in February, I went halfway through the month and got a little worried about my knees and if I was doing the squats correctly since I heard you can hurt your knees if you do squats incorrectly. I might’ve been doing them right, but I just felt like 150+ squats a day was way too much. However, squats have a really good pay off and more noticeable results than normal workout moves! If you want, I’m sure doing 50 squats a day would be a good butt workout.

Anyway, as to what I started doing last week…I started doing the Blogilates #AprilAbs challenege. You can find the calendar here. If a password is needed, it’s burnbabyburn. However, I highly recommend signing up for her newsletter for future workout calendar passwords! This calendar is full of set workouts for every single day created by YouTuber, Blogilates (aka Cassey Ho). For easy access to the videos for the day, go to this blog post, scroll to the bottom of the post to the Workout Playlists table, and click on the day. It usually consists of 4-5 videos unless it’s Recovery Day.

So last week, I followed the calendar pretty closely. I’ll link the videos I did each day:

Four days of 40-60 minute workouts…not a bad way to get back into working out! Actually, that’s even better than most (if not all) of my previous Workouts of the Week posts. I highly recommend these workouts. Some are more intense than others, but if you have an hour to spare, these workouts push you and they can be done right inside your home without paying gym fees 🙂 A yoga mat is recommended but I’ve been doing the workouts on carpet so far and it’s not too bad (but I will get my yoga mat from home very soon). Definitely feel free to join me in doing #AprilAbs!!! Start on the videos from the beginning of April or go ahead and start on today’s videos. Join me in moving toward “the fit life” and become healthier and stronger and let me know in the comments that you’re joining me! Take that step and motivate yourself to treat your body well and get more fit. As Blogilates would say, “train like a beast, look like a beauty!”


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