Throwback Thursday: Vegas, Baby!

Hello everyone!

It’s been so long! I haven’t been in the blogging mood too much but it’s picking back up again. I finally got my blog home page to look good enough to go live (it took A LOT of tries) and I’m excited to share things! And boy, do I have a lot to share, like I mentioned in a previous post. I posted a simple recipe just now which you won’t see until my site goes live but I wanted to get started on this post because it’s so recent.

If you didn’t know, I went to Vegas these past two weekends. The first time was for a conference my company hosted and the second was for a short vacation, somewhat for my birthday. Anyway, I accumulated some decent photos of different things! To top it off, I mainly used the GoPro! Lovin’ the wide angle for sure. And it’s so much more portable than a DSLR! Of course I sacrifice quality, but when the lighting is good and my hands are stable, the quality is definitely acceptable. Anyway, just sit back and enjoy!



If you’re wondering where I stayed and the places I ate at, I stayed at the Aria for my work conference and the Palazzo for vacation. I really loved both the rooms I stayed in! Places we ate at during our vacation were Public House, Grand Lux Cafe, Earl of Sandwich, Bacchanal Buffet, Jean Philippe Patisserie, and Espressamente Illy. Places we wanted to go to were Serendipity 3, Gordon Ramsay BurGR, Mon Ami Gabi, Lotus of Siam, Secret Pizza, and Cut. But that was way more places than we could’ve gone to in 3 days. So, until next time!


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