Welcome to the new blog!

Hi everyone!

Welcome to my new blog. Same blog posts, different look. I wanted to try something a little more sophisticated and I also invested in a new blog web address!!! Yup, you could’ve guessed it if you’re close to me: amandamlim.com! How exciting. I know I’ve been saying I wanted to work on a new blog for a really long time (for those who follow me on Twitter) but it took me a really long time to figure out what I wanted my web address to be and what my blog title and headline should be. It was hard to figure out what my focus was….until I realized I don’t really have a focus. Therefore, I’m bringing you a general lifestyle blog. Just random stuff I’d like to share as a working professional figuring out life in my 20s.

Some things that are different with this blog are the topics. Some of you may remember Commute Blessings but since I rarely do the long commute from SF anymore, I’ve changed the topic to Beauty Captured. This will incorporate any photography, photos taken while on the road or traveling, scenic pictures, and photo shoots. My DIY topic name is changed to Made With Love. I also got rid of my Technology/Social media tab for now until I have more to post on that. I added a Food tab for recipes and other food-related posts too.

I have a couple more ideas in mind for the blog. I’m thinking about adding two more topics: Lessons Learned and Amanda Approved. Lessons Learned would be general life lessons or random things I’ve learned recently that might help others. Amanda Approved would be posts about certain items that I would personally highly recommend, like things I’ve used for months or really love. These two topics would be created with the hope that others can learn or take recommendations that would help them.

Anyway, thanks for sticking with me through this blog and move!! Enjoy looking around and don’t forget to look below at the last two posts (they’re NEW!) Also, make sure to follow me on Instagram: @amandamlimblog for post updates as I won’t be updating my personal Instagram for new posts anymore.

Much love,

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