Flashback Friday: Hawaii!

Hi everyone! Wow so many people have been traveling to Hawaii and I’m so jealous!! I LOVE Hawaii…I would’ve loved to live there temporarily or go to college there but that didn’t happen. I’m pretty much in love with everything there except for the bugs and geckos. Anyway, I wanted to share some photos I took last year in Hawaii. I love the scenery there (but who doesn’t?) and wanted to share the shots I took because I miss it there 😦 There were taken at Maui by the way! If you get the chance to go hiking, do it! The coast and waters are always so pretty. We went on a pretty short and easy hike but I got lots of good photos from it. Hope you enjoy these photos! IMG_8871 IMG_8896 IMG_8900 IMG_8903 IMG_8931 IMG_8938 IMG_8990 IMG_9023 IMG_9090 IMG_9100 IMG_9159 IMG_9153 IMG_9191 IMG_9212 IMG_9229 IMG_9242 IMG_9246

Much love,

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