Beauty Captured: August Edition

Hi everyone!

Sorry it’s been SO long since my last Commute Blessings post. As I mentioned in my first blog post, I’ve changed the name from Commute Blessings to Beauty Captured. This is to include all photos, not just from my commute because let’s face it, now that my commute is 10 minutes long and is not during a sunrise or sunset, there aren’t many excited photos to be taken at that time. Luckily, however, I have a decent view of sunset clouds from my new place, a good view of clouds from work, and I still get random views of gorgeous where I go.

It is finally time to slowly share my awesome photos again. Hope you enjoy!

20140204_073933 Edit

20140218_174600 Edit

20140219_083055 Edit

20140220_172753 Edit

20140220_173401 Edit

20140225_175201 Edit

20140227_103146 Edit

20140228_170759 Edit

20140228_172507 Edit

20140228_172815 Edit

Thank you God for such amazing skies.

Much love,

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