1000 Squat Challenge?!?


Hi guys!!

Yes, you read that right. 1000. One thousand squats. You probably think I’m crazy, but if you’re a Blogilates follower like I am, then you probably can believe it. I’m no fitness junkie and I’ve actually barely worked out in the past couple months (I can probably count only a handful of times) but I decided to take on this 1000 squat challenge to challenge myself!

I’ve been doing squats here and there when I remember to just randomly because I want to tone my butt–raise your hands if you’re with me!! But anyway, once this video came out, I felt like there was no way I was going to do it. HOWEVER, I have a crazy friend who did it and I’m so grateful for her for being motivated to do workouts which in turn, motivates me! So….if you know Blogilates, you know she has a calendar for every month with workouts for every day specified for you which I really like. Today’s workout on her August calendar (which you can check out here, password: dreamscometrue) was her 1000 squat challenge video. My friend did it this morning with this being her second time doing it. I was motivated and told myself that I would ATTEMPT to finish the video.

Now here I am, 2 hours later and I am SO HAPPY to say that I DID 1000 SQUATS!!!!!! I’m so so happy and just amazed that I accomplished that. I went in believing that if I could finish this video, I could do ANYTHING. My legs were dying, I was sweating the most I’ve ever sweated, and yet, I did it.

I normally don’t post my workouts because I really haven’t done many but I really wanted to share this experience with you and motivate others as my friend did for me. If you want to push yourself, challenge yourself, accomplish something great physically, go for this challenge. Even if you just want to get into shape or tone your legs or butt, this might be the video for you. It’s okay if you only get through 100, 200, 500, 700 squats. Push yourself as hard as you can because if you don’t make it to 1000 the first time, keep trying. You can do it. You can do anything. If I can do it, you can too. Just believe in yourself and build strength in your body. It’s all in your mind so motivate yourself, believe in yourself, push yourself, and you’ll get there and you’ll be able to do whatever you want.

So without further ado, I’ve added the video below. Challenge yourself and try it out! See how far you can get and let me know how it goes!!!

Good luck!!! I believe in you!!!

Much love,

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