Panda Themed Birthday Party

This is part two of my birthday weekend recap. Very different from my great-grandma’s birthday, the second party I went to was my boyfriend’s cousin’s daughter’s 9th birthday party…and it was panda-themed!! If you know me, you’d know I love pandas (my family actually nicknamed me Panda but only because it rhymes with my name).
I really just wanted to share the decorations because my close friend made everything herself. She even baked all the desserts herself (except for the cake from Costco). I know, Superwoman right? If you were wondering, she has a Silhouette Cameo that helps make her creative ideas come to life (which I hope to buy myself one day). Now on to the pretty stuff.
2014-09-23 16.18.19

Dessert Table

2014-09-23 16.18.41

Cake from Costco; handmade panda cake topper

2014-09-23 16.24.38

Cookies and cream mini cupcakes

2014-09-23 16.25.04

Chocolate chip cookie

2014-09-23 16.26.40

Chocolate mousse cups with Pocky sticks; Strawberry shortcake cups

2014-09-23 16.27.31

Dessert and candy tables

2014-09-23 16.29.14

Handmade pinwheels and panda balloon weight with the birthday girl’s face


Party favors


Party favors – “Panda Poop”


Panda birthday banner

Tell me this stuff is not cute!!! I loved it. It’s a hobby, not her full-time job, but I think she’s amazing at it. Can she plan my birthday next year?? 🙂
Let me know what you think of her work!! I can’t be the only one who thinks it’s awesome.
Much love,

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