My Top 6 Fall Nail Polishes

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Happy Fall Everyone!!

The weather is finally getting cool and chilly here in Northern California after the longest summer I’ve ever experienced. What better time than now to post a top fall nail polishes post! I have so many colors I like wearing during this time of year that I just had to share with the hope of inspiring you this season!

To me, fall means darker, richer colors and those are my favorite colors. I’m a sucker for lovely maroons and dark purples. Based on this post, it shows how much more burgundy and maroon I need in my collection, but I wasn’t really in the mood to buy new polishes just for this post so I’m sharing what I have already.

Below are swatches of what the polishes look like. The tissue better shows what one coat might look like. My painted nails shown below showcase what two coats looks like and they’re in order of appearance.


IMG_1307 Edit


Essie in Merino Cool


e.l.f. in Punk Purple


Zoya in Kelly


Essie in Sole Mate


Zoya in Casey


Essie in Carry On

I hope you enjoyed this post! May everyone have a great fall season šŸ™‚


Much love,


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