Oct/Nov: Handmade Cards

Happy December everyone!! It feels like forever since I’ve done a cards post so here it is. Cards that I’ve made in the last two months. Most of them were pretty simple because I haven’t had too much time on my hands lately, but almost all of them incorporated the “fake” calligraphy font. I love using it because it makes cards look formal, fast. It’s amazing how font choice can make such a big difference.

If you’re interested in learning how to fake calligraphy, you can check out a website like this or search online for more inspiration! You really just make it your own. How I do it is I draw a line next to each area that’s a downstroke and fill in the space. Practice makes perfect (and I’m still practicing!)

Feel free to comment and share links to your own handmade cards! I love seeing them (I even have a Pinterest board dedicated to inspiration).

Aug/Sept: Handmade Cards

These past few months I’ve been putting patterned cardstock and my Xacto knife to good use. I’m really loving the patterned cardstock; I use it almost on every card. It’ll be sad when I run out. I’m still getting used to the Xacto knife and sometimes it does exactly what I want, sometimes it doesn’t. The cards with cut outs could definitely look better but I’m trying my best!

July: Crafts Haul

I bought quite a few things this half month alone after my whole graduation and grad thank you card making marathon. Just thought I’d share! Since I bought so many things already in the past two weeks, I won’t be buying anymore for the rest of the month (hopefully). This is kinda like a makeup haul but…a crafts haul.

Custom stamp from Modernartstamps on Etsy.
My absolute favorite!! Can’t wait to put it on a block and use it!! 🙂
Birthday stamp from The Paper Garden, Sacramento.
Expressions stamps from Michael’s, El Dorado Hills. 40% off 🙂
4-sided leaf stamp from Michael’s, El Dorado Hills. 40% off 🙂
Ink pads:
Gray and dark brown ink pads from Michael’s, El Dorado Hills.
4 hues of green ink pads from Michaels, El Dorado Hills.
Card stock:
Card stock pad from Target, Colma.

Super smooth black pen from The Paper Garden, Sacramento.
Knife and cutting mat:
Olfa knife and cutting mat from Amazon.

Craft storage box:

4-drawer craft storage box from Michael’s, Colma.

Tip: If you’re ever in the Sacramento area and you love stamps, visit The Paper Garden!!! It will overwhelm you with amazing stamps and card ideas. The products there come with a higher price but it’s higher quality. You’ll find anything you need for cards or scrapbooking. I loved it there (it was like card-making heaven) and I’ll have to go back and take a class there one day.